Basement Remodeling Ideas

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Basements, Remodeling

No matter your predicament, here are a few of our favorite basement remodeling ideas that will hopefully inspire you and help guide you towards the best choice for your space.

  • Guest Suite: If you love entertaining company for long weekends and want extra space for them to stay, turning your basement into a cozy “guest suite” with all the accouterments of a home away from home may be the choice for you. You can include everything from a bed to a breakfast nook to a private bathroom area and more.
  • Living Room: If your family needs more space to stretch out and relax, you may think about home remodeling to give you extra living space. A basement area with a couch and television gives everyone a chance to watch what they want, and it’s also great for group movie nights or football parties.
  • Home Office: Other times, you need a space to concentrate and get things done. A combined library-study-office space is one of our favorite basement remodeling ideas for people who work from home or who have teens that need to hit the books.
  • Man Cave: We’d be remiss not to include the “man cave,” but exactly what that means can differ from person to person. Some imagine a game room with a pool or ping-pong table, while others want a video gaming system or music practice space. Of course, women can have “caves,” too. Bottom line: create a space that will allow you to pursue your passions!
  • Mini Kitchen or Bar: Who wouldn’t want a bar in the convenience of their own home? You can make a great gathering space in any basement, or extra room for the budding gourmet in your house to practice their cooking skills. Just be sure to follow the same rules in your basement as you would for kitchen remodeling: make a triangle of your workspace between the stove, refrigerator, and sink that measures a perimeter between nine feet to 21 feet.

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