Chain Link Fences: Top 5 Benefits

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Fences

Chain link fences are one of the most popular and cost effective fence options for businesses and homeowners. There’s several reasons why our customers choose to go with a chain link fence, so we highlighted the five key benefits.

Variety of Materials

Chain link fences are available in a wide breadth of material options. Galvanized zinc, PVC coatings, polymer coatings, color coatings, and aluminum are some of the most common selections made by customers. This diversity of materials allow for different looks and price points for your fence.


Chain link fences provide excellent security for exterior areas. They are great for confining children and pets to yards, making sure large items are protected, and keeping out undesired guests such as trespassers and wild animals.


Privacy Options

While chain link fences can be easily seen through, they can also be slatted as shown above to provide additional privacy. This means that homeowners and businesses can choose to add privacy to their existing chain link fences in the future without replacing the entire fence.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep

Fences made of wood material require periodic staining or treatment, and wrought iron fences may need rust removal or painting over time. However, chain link fencing has very little required maintenance. Spraying the fence with a hose occasionally to remove dirt and debris is usually the most required activity to upkeep a chain link fence.

Upgrade Value

Adding a chain link fence to a home or commercial property is a great way to increase its long term value. Property buyers will often list a fence as one of their decision making points, because they know that that will not have to pay to install a fence in the future.

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