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As a commercial roofing contractor, we offer a full array of services for all types of commercial structures. From multi-unit housing, apartments, offices, churches, schools, and warehouses, we have a solution for every building.

Property owners in the metro Atlanta Area and surrounding communities, trust us to build and take care of their roof systems for them.

Commercial Services:

  • TPO Roofing (thermoplastic polyolefin)
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Silicone Coatings/Reflective Green Roof Coatings
  • Metal Roofing
  • And more!

Learn More About High-Tech Commercial Coatings

Roof coatings could be a great alternative to replacing the entire roof. Roof coatings can be applied over the top of your current roof system which will bring down the extra cost of removing and disposing of the old roof system. This system will provide savings on your current electric bill due to its reflective feature.

Roof coatings provide a seamless seal that is highly weather resistant to wind and hail and it is the only product that is 100% resistant to ponding / stagnant water. Roof coatings can also get you rebates from the government for using an energy efficient product. Give us a call to find out why we feel roof coatings are the best way to improve most commercial roofing systems.

Possible Rebates

Some utility companies offer rebates to commercial building owners who work to conserve energy by using coatings on their roofs. Also, re-coating roofing projects are often deductible in the first year, so adding a new high-tech coating to your roof can benefit both the environment and your bottom line.

Many of the coating jobs we complete cost a fraction of the price of a brand new roof. Help the environment by not disposing of your old roofing material and filling up a landfill, instead, add one of our coatings and extend the life of your existing roof.

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