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If you need hail damage roof repair in the Atlanta area, S.C.I. Roofing is a trusted company who will fix it right. We have worked with all insurance companies directly so we know how to handle claims and take care of our customers’ property needs while they’re going through such difficult times!


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The Leading Hail Damage Roofing Contractor in Atlanta, GA

When hail storms come through, they can do major damage to your home. Your roof is typically the first place where you will see signs of wear and tear after an especially large outbreak hits Atlanta’s climate conditions- so it pays off big time if this type of natural disaster strikes while investing money into fixing up other parts! The only problem with hail is that it’s not always easy to tell when your roof has been damaged. This means many people don’t take the time necessary before they find themselves in need of professional help because their home’s exterior looks normal at first glance, but there are subtle signs hidden among all those leaves and dirt which can give away a hint at what might have happened if you’re attentive enough!

Atlanta homeowners should contact a professional roof repair service when their homes have been damaged by hail. Our team of experts can help prevent further structural damages and water intrusion, which could lead to major issues down the line!

SCI Roofing is a trusted Atlanta roofer that helps home and business owners with their roofs. We offer top-shelf services to keep your house safe from damage, as well as mandatory repairs for any issues.

Hail Damage Roof Repair in Atlanta

A hail-damaged roof is like a ticking time bomb because while it can range in severity, the damage almost always has an adverse effect on your home’s integrity. In some cases this will be barely noticeable but when there are golf ball-size hail storms raining down or lots of small ones mixed into its umbrella rain cloud – you have to be prepared!

The damage done by hail is often difficult to see without an inspection. The little holes that open up in your roof can later lead you on a dangerous journey as they allow water into the house or business causing more expensive repairs.

Issues Come From A Hail Damaged Roof

Your roof is more than a pretty face, it keeps you safe from rain and snow. But when hail damages our roofs we need an expert service like S.C.I.’s to come fix the problem so that water doesn’t leak into your property!


Water-Related Problems

Repairing your roof now will help prevent water damage in the future. Roofs are specifically designed to handle heavy snowfall and large hail storms, so when they get wet from leaks or flooding it can have devastating effects on home structures. 

Water damages your home’s structure, warping and rotting wood. The cost of fixing these additional issues add up significantly costing more than initial roof repairs.


UV Damage

When hail damages roofs, it can cause UV damage to components under the shingles. This type of wear and tear speeds up future roof replacements by increasing their vulnerability towards leaks or other issues over time, due in part from being exposed so much more often than normal surfaces that cover this sortation process out naturally through evaporation alone!


Need Hail Damage Repair in Atlanta?

When you need a team that knows how to get the job done, call our Atlanta hail damage repair service. Our best professionals will check out your roof and provide an estimate for any repairs needed without obligation so we can help make sure everything is taken care of quickly!

Can you repair a hail damaged roof?


Yes, We know that storms can create a number of different shapes and sizes when it comes to hail damage. Our experts will always recommend getting your roof fixed if they notice any signs in sections made out of shingles, metal or asphalt tiles due to potential further issues like breaking into smaller pieces around the property!

How much does a hail damaged roof cost?

The cost of replacing a roof depends largely on its condition. If you have damage that requires an entire replacement, it can range anywhere from $5K – 20k for the service; however standard repairs would set you back about $400-700 dollars per square foot (depending).


Should you replace a roof after it hails?


It’s always good practice to fix your roof after a hail storm, but if you have any leaks or cracks in the shingles that could be getting worse then now might just make sense for replacing them before it gets even more serious.


How do you protect your roof from hail?

The best way to prevent leaks and other damages this season is by repairing your roof. Make sure that it’s in good condition before the storm hits with an inspection, replacing when necessary (before any damage occurs), choose steep roofs that have impact-rated skylights or fiber cement siding for extra protection against high winds; close drapes/window shades at night too!



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If you’re looking for repairs involved with an insurance claim, you’ve come to the right place. You can count on our well-trained staff to talk to your insurance company and give them regular updates. We can handle your whole claim start-to-finish, and we can complete any necessary repairs.

We know the requirements of various insurance companies when it comes to approving storm-related work, so we can let you know if the damage you’ve sustained will meet the requirements it takes to get a claim approval.Put your faith in a team of contractors that always focus on ensuring our customers are well taken care of.

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