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The latest storms may have left their mark on your roof. A strong gust of wind could cause extensive damage, or even bring about an entirely new issue with rainwater infiltration that’s been years in the making! If you need help protecting against these dangers and more, contact SCI Roofing today for professional service around the Atlanta area!

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Leading Storm Damage Contractors in Atlanta

As a homeowner in Atlanta, you may be wondering what types of storm damage to your roof makes it necessary for repairs. Some storms are more destructive than others; some even have little impact on buildings while other types leave vanquished homeowners with an expensive bill from the damages their property has sustained during these natural disasters. If you are in need of emergency Atlanta storm damage repair, then your best option is to work with trusted professionals.

You might not be able to see any signs of damage, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a big problem. Our team specializes in inspecting roofs for storm-related damages which could lead you away from extensive property loss if taken care immediately after the event. A major issue with storms is their tendency to cause water to penetrate your roofing —this begins an irreversible process where more expensive repair work will be required should this happen to you.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to storm damage and we want you safe. Call us today for an inspection of your roof!

Specializing in Repairing Storm Damages Done To Your Roof

SCI Roofing is a longtime Atlanta storm damage roof repair expert. Our experts start with an inspection of your home’s current structure and make sure to list all the damages so you know what we’re getting into before drafting any plans or taking action against incoming weather disasters. SCI Roofing takes pride in its ability to not only fix but also prevent future problems by always thoroughly discussing our repairs beforehand.

We’re the pros that you need for any type of storm damage. We’ve seen it all and can handle everything from a few missing shingles right down to complete re-roofing, in time so your insurance company knows what they are dealing with!

When most homeowners think about storm damage, they worry that the expense will be too much to handle on their own. Our team understands this concern and has years of experience working with insurance companies so you can rest assured your claim is being taken care of in an efficient manner, while still giving us enough flexibility for any unexpected surprises along the way!

Types of Storm Damage We Cover

Hail Damage

The type of roofing that is on your home can make a difference when it comes to hail damage. For example, if you have shingle siding then any cracks or splits in the material will let water seep through and do more harm than good! UV exposure has also been known to reduce how long some roofs last.


Wind Damage

Homeowners in Atlanta are always at risk for severe weather conditions such as strong winds that can cause extensive property damage. If you’ve recently had a storm, make sure your roof isn’t damaged by high-powered gusts of wind, because this type of debris is more likely to bring down power lines and leave homes without electricity!


Rain Damage

Rain damage is one of the most common types, but it can have a variety of effects on your home. Roof leaks may occur due to rain or because old age has caused issues with waterproofing in between layers. However, these same problems will also happen even when there isn’t any storm happening at all.

The best way to get a quote for any type of service is by contacting us today. Our team will be more than happy to schedule an inspection and answer all your questions, providing you with no-obligation pricing as well!


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If you’re looking for repairs involved with an insurance claim, you’ve come to the right place. You can count on our well-trained staff to talk to your insurance company and give them regular updates. We can handle your whole claim start-to-finish, and we can complete any necessary repairs.

We know the requirements of various insurance companies when it comes to approving storm-related work, so we can let you know if the damage you’ve sustained will meet the requirements it takes to get a claim approval.Put your faith in a team of contractors that always focus on ensuring our customers are well taken care of.

We’ll treat your home as though it were our own the entire time we’re managing your claim. This includes taking extra precautions to protect your yard and landscaping and taking extreme care not to cause further damage to your home.

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